Join us on the Truffle Hunt

Book now for a seasonal truffle hunt at one of the largest truffle farms on Australia’s east coast.

Hunts can only be conducted during the truffle season which is between June and mid August. Meet in the warmth of The Truffle Shed and learn about the history of Ruffles Estate and French Black Truffles. Discover the intoxicating aroma of truffle. Hear about the unique difference that truffle brings to a dish.

Follow Snuffle the truffle dog and her handler into the young forest of oak trees and explore with Snuffle as she locates the scent and tracks down the elusive truffle. See Snuffle rewarded for her find while the handler digs for the truffle and determines its readiness for market. Discover the excitement of the dig, and enjoy the marvel of truffle. This is your chance to then touch, smell and photograph the freshly dug truffle with Snuffle

Return to the warmth of The Truffle Shed to see the truffle cleaned and prepared for market. Guess the weight of the newly found truffle.

Finish the tour with your very own truffle crème brulee.

Truffle Hunts will begin in June 2015 and continue each Saturday morning or afternoon through until  August 2015.

Bookings for the season will open in April 2015

There will be a selection of hunt times available both for weekdays and weekends



Visiting our farm

What to wear on a truffle hunt in Canberra:-

You are visiting a farm, so make sure you are wearing sensible enclosed shoes.

As it is a quarantined site, you will be required to put the soles of your shoes/boots through a bleach solution before entering the site. This is a mandatory process.

Make sure you are rugged up and warm.

Cameras are welcome.

About the dogs when on a truffle hunt:-

We have 2,500 trees on this site and the dog is required to hunt under each tree every week. The truffle will mature at some stage during the winter season (across twelve weeks) and will only remain fresh in the ground for twelve days, so we need to find it and dig it out when it is ready.

One dog cannot cover this entire area alone, so we have five dogs covering the site each week.

The dog is a highly trained sniffer dog, and its task is to find truffles. The exercise is a game for the dog, and they want to play the game obsessively because it means they receive rewards for their find.

Hugs, play, food and retrieval toys are all part of the reward strategy.

The handler and the dog are a team and they work closely together.

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